Storefront Security Closures, Inc. announces new SSC Shutter-Grille

Storefront Security Closures, Inc. is proud to announce our newest solution in security grilles! Our new, compact Rolling Security Shutter-Grille is our answer to the unsightly, heavy and costly security grilles that have been available for years. Storefront Security Closures’ patent pending Shutter-Grille provides a cost-effective solution to the security you need in a light-weight, aesthetically pleasing way.

The SSC Shutter-Grille utilizes a specially designed double wall hinge that allows the grille curtain to roll up into a compact, factory finished aluminum housing of only 10 or 12 inches. With a curtain pattern of 9-1/4" between links and 1-5/8" between rods, you will have the security you need without the industrial look you are accustom to. The grille housing and side guides are available in four standard colors (white, bronze, beige and ivory), to provide a clean, finished look for your application. For applications that require support tubes, those also can be supplied in the color of choice. The curtain and bottom bar are mill finished aluminum as standard.

The SSC Shutter-Grille is available as a manually operated or motorized security grille. The manually operated SSC Shutter-Grille is pre-tensioned in our factory. For motorized operation, we use tubular style motors that are mounted inside the pipe shaft. The motorized units include standard remote transmitters or security key pads for wall mounting. Hard wire key stations are also offered.

SSC Shutter-Grilles lock using a double-action deadbolt that throws a steel lock rod into each side guide. Housed in the bottom bar, the lock is activated with a standard, mortise cylinder that is operable from either side of the grille.

Our new SSC Shutter-Grille is shipped completely pre-assembled to the pipe shaft and rolled up into the housing. This makes for a more efficient and safe installation.

At Storefront Security Closures, Inc. we have seen a need for a compact, lightweight, cost effective security grille that will add to the appearance of the application rather than take away from the aesthetics. We have the answer! The SSC Shutter-Grille offers the same security of a standard rolling grille with the added benefits of compact head room, easy installation and it looks great! The SSC Shutter-Grille offers a substantial cost savings over conventional rolling grilles.

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