This is real. Protect your business.

A video sent by customer, as he watches his store being vandalized and looted.

“Thankful to have these shutters because it slowed down the looters and saved us a lot of money.” – Shop Owner

As seen in the video, our security gates slowed down the looters tremendously; they were unable to fully open the SSCi security shutter and minimal damage to the shutter was done. This made it more difficult for them to get out with as much property as they could have, if they had the time or the space to get in and out. This can happen at any time, be prepared. Protect your business.

Click here to watch the full video and read the article.

“They got in, but once they got in they were kind of stuck there. Because once you get in, by then the cops had arrived on the bikes, which I was watching on the news myself, it was just sad.” – Store Owner.

This is happening all across the county in response to current events. But, break-ins and destruction happen every day, regardless of the reasoning behind them. Our sole purpose at Storefront Security Closures, Inc. is to protect your businesses, and this shows you the quality and the integrity that we provide.

The looting in these videos happened Saturday night, and the repair was completed by the end of the next business day. New slats and a heavy duty bottom bar were installed in the quick repair. Our mission statement is “We provide the quality you need and the service you deserve”, we prove that time and time again.

We hope that everyone is staying safe out there.